Arduino/ZPUino/ZAP/DesignLAB Auto-Updater

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Hi guys,


I wonder if you, preferably with Java experience, can help us finishing this revolutionary application we are working on for some time.


The application is an "updater" for all Arduino/ZPUino/ZAP/DesignLAB products, which you can use to move back and forth between releases, between branches (stable, beta, development) easily, and without having to download huge amounts of data each time a single change is done.


We have the core of the updater relatively stable, but the UI is incomplete and completely sucks. We also have a "update manager" for those wishing to publish releases themselves.


The application uses HTTP to download only the needed resources, and performs all work of moving, deleting and creating new files. All configurations and metafiles are in XML so to ease use from withing other languages.


So, anybody eager to help ?





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This is going to be really great for DesignLab, it will let us do updates quickly and won't require everyone to download a 200MB file each time we update a couple schematic files.


Alvie has been kind enough to code it all up, and now Dhia and I are testing and integrating into DesignLab. 


So if anyone is willing to jump in and help out it would be greatly appreciated! 


Source code is here:


We've integrated it into the ZAP source code, soon to be renamed to DesignLab.

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