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Hello, I'm new to Papilio, and I'm trying to get the AVR soft core working. I have Xilinx setup, and I can synthesize the core. The hardware is a Papilio One 500K and my computer is running Windows 8.1. I have successfully loaded the Quickstart .bit file and verified an LED blinks when connected.


I am encountering errors with this setup. I load the Papilio loader and choose the .bit file and _bd.bmm files generated during synthesis as well as the .hex file generated from my source program (which should blink an LED). I choose FPGA from the drop down and click load. The output is:


JTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x41c22093 Desc: XC3S500E
USB transactions: Write 3 read 2 retries 0
Using devlist.txt
Ignoring unknown field 'ÿ'
IOException: Unexpected end of file
I was hoping somebody could shed some light on the errors in the last two lines. I'm not even sure which file is causing the problem.  If needed I can post the hex file or code I am trying to load, but it doesn't want to let me attach a hex file.
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Very few people use that functionality, it was added to Papilio Loader by Girish several years ago but we never found much use for it. Most people use the Arduino IDE or pull the Makefile out of the Arduino IDE and use that. I'll see if I can put aside some time to test it out and see what is going wrong.



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