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  I need some helpto display videoon a TFT LCD touch screen using  FPGA. The problem is that theTFT uses FPC connection (a card adpt it to open LDI or Parallel port,am not really sure) but i only have I/Os and VGA output. I have already design with an FPGA but using VGA output. I need to know:

  - If it is possible to make a video controller with the FPGA, suited for the Screen, and use I/Os to communicate with the screen.

  -If there is a way to adapt FPC or OpenLDI to VGA, even using a pcb,so if there is no protocol problems.

  - If you have another solution to control the screen with my FPGA.

Thanks a lot.

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Hello Dro,


The beauty of an FPGA is that anything is possible, its just a matter of how hard it is... Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have any easy solutions for driving a TFT LCD touch screen with the Papilio. Check back in a while, with the new DesignLab software it will be much easier to publish a TFT LCD example.



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Well, here are some blog posts:





I've used the adafruit gfx library to interface with cheap touch screen LCD's. Alvie has support for the gfx library in his 2.0 release of the zpuino IDE, but I'm not sure if it is working with these TFT screens yet. Basically we would just need to rewire the pins into locations that are easier for the gfx library to use. It's real easy, you just want to connect the data pins of the tft controllers so that a simple write to a GPIO port goes to the correct pins...


As far as VHDL for driving a TFT display, that will take more work.



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