Getting Started: Papilio One readusb timeout Error

Jayesh Sukumaran

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I'm new to FPGA programming and just got a Papilio One 500K version. I plugged in the board to the USB before installing the Papilio Loader, dont' know if that's the cause for my troubles. Right now, Device Manager (Win 7) shows two COM ports (COM 17 and COM18) as Papilio Serial Port and another USB Serial Port for which it could not find the drivers.


When I try to load a bit file using the Papilio Loader or Programmer, nothing happens for a while and then a timeout usbread error appears along with "Unidentified Papilio Board".


What am I doing wrong? Any help is much appreciated.

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Hmmm, maybe a driver conflict or something?


Maybe you should download the CDM Uninstaller app from FTDI and use it to remove any drivers that could be causing a conflict. You will want to use a product ID of 6010 for the FT2232 used in the Papilio. But I would remove drivers for 6001 and 6010.


Also, the drivers that windows installs automatically should work just fine. So try it both ways, use the FTDI tool to remove drivers and then see how things work with the default windows drivers and then remove drivers and try with Papilio drivers.


Let us know how it goes.


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