ZAP 2.2.1 Development

Jack Gassett

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There has been a lot of great feedback lately from people firing up the latest version of the ZAP IDE. It's really helpful when people report the snags they are running into because it gives me clear direction on what needs improvement. This week I'm working on some of the biggest usability issues people have been experiencing.


The first issue is that it is harder to get started with the ZPUino soft processor then it should be. It looks like new users are being tripped up by loading a ZPUino bit file to the FPGA instead of SPI Flash. After thinking about this for a while I realized that the best solution is to change the behavior when people click on a bit file in a sketch. Right now it will load the bit file in the Papilio Loader and we just hope people have it installed and setup to load to SPI Flash instead of the default of loading to the FPGA. A better solution is to load the bit file with the internal version of papilio-prog and force a load to SPI Flash. The advantages of this are:


  • Cross platform solution.
  • Does not require anything special to be installed
  • Eliminates the frustration people are having with getting started with ZPUino.

Here is a picture of the new method in action:


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