Device locked licence ?


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Friendly greetings !

I see some (more or less cheap) board that come with a device locked vivado/ISE licence.

It provide an "augmented" software suite (eg : chipscope pro) and (eventually) some ip core strictly related to the card.

Node locked licence, and floating licence are super-expensive for the hobbyist.


Do you know of there is a way to buy a device locked licence (eg : for the papilio pro)


The xilinx website is really :angry: :angry: :angry:  so perhaps it's available somewhere ... but couldn't find it.


(eg: i can't even access the online store :huh: )


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If you are interested in a Chipscope Pro license for Papilio Pro then you can buy an Avnet LX9 Microboard ( for $89, it comes with a license device-locked to LX9 which is what Papilio Pro has.  You can then toss the lx9 microboard :)


Wonderfull ! thanks !   :wub:

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