using the High Speed USB port for communication


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Friendly greetings !


So i decided to be serious about FPGA (finally!)

I know there is this tutorial but it use the picoblaze 

I also found another one which seems to be a bit better (for my needs) :


I want to use as a serial port (the ZPUino do it and i want to know how to do it in vhdl).

I simply can't find a good starting point.

The FPGA seems to be connected to this :


Simply... how can i use it ? Is there some ip core  available ? source code ?

Thank you :)

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Please note that the HighSpeedUART example is indeed done in VHDL and does not require picoblaze. It is simply included in the picoblaze source code, but you will be pulling the VHDL modules to implement a high speed UART out of the picoblaze source code. The downside is that it is not Open Source.



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