Papilio Schematic Library V1.6 and ZAP IDE 2.2.0

Jack Gassett

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Well, as promised we have a new release of the ZAP IDE and Papilio Schematic Library. This new release integrates the Papilio Schematic Library into the ZAP IDE for an integrated design environment that lets you draw circuits to run on your Papilio FPGA.


Download the latest version of the ZAP IDE with the Papilio Schematic Library fully integrated from the ZAP download page.


New features:


Logic Analyzer on the JTAG channel - This lets us debug our circuits with a Logic Analyzer that connects over the JTAG channel normally used to program the Papilio. This means we can continue to use the serial port like we normally would. We can have normal serial communications and a Logic Analyzer at the same time.




Analog Wing symbol added



SPI ADC Analog library to communicate with the SPI ADC chip used in the Analog Wing, the LogicStart MegaWing, and the RetroCade MegaWing.


Example project for the Analog Wing.


Retrocade Synth sketch is updated to support the Analog channels, there is now a new menu item on the LCD screen that shows the values of the Analog channels. This provides a code example that can be used to implement your own control interfaces.


Linux - we have an official linux build available for download at the ZAP download page.


Descriptions have links to load bit files, view schematics, edit schematics, and start related software such as a Logic Analyzer



Papilio Schematic Library is integrated into ZAP IDE and all examples are available from example menu



There is a Papilio toolbar with links and easy access to Papilio information



All examples are self contained in the sketch folder and can be located anywhere in the file system. Doing a "Save As" will copy all folder contents.


Here is a full list of all the schematic symbols available now:

  • Wishbone Template - Use this to make your very own Wishbone peripheral using VHDL.
  • Arcade MegaWing Symbol (untested)


  • Benchy Logic Analyzer 8
  • Benchy Logic Analyzer 8 - JTAG
  • Benchy Waveform Generator
  • Multiple clock generators
  • Hardware
    • LogicStart MegaWing
    • Audio Wing
    • VGA Wing
    • Analog Wing
    • Arcade MegaWing (untested)
  • Standalone Peripherals
    • Audiomixer
    • Delta Sigma DAC
    • Splitter2
    • Splitter4
  • Wishbone Peripherals
    • YM2149 Audio Chip
    • Audio Passthrough
    • Pokey Audio Chip
    • C64 SID Audio Chip
    • SPI
    • UART
    • Seven Segment Controller
    • Wishbone Template
    • HQVGA
    • HQVGA Character Map
  • Soft Processors
    • ZPUino Vanilla for Papilio One
    • ZPUino Hyperion for Papilio One
    • ZPUino Vanilla for Papilio Pro


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