Retrocade Megawing ADC


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I recently purchased this bundle from gadget factory.


I am new to FPGAs but I have coded with Arduinos before. I understand that FPGAs are alot more useful since then can do operations in parallel as opposed to sequences (arduinos; which is why i purchased it). How can I use the ADC of the megawing? Ideally I have two analog inputs, which sample at the same frequency (250hz). I would then like to output this on a graph (maybe serial port on the computer? or a TFT screen?)



Can some one show me to the right direction? 






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In other words VHDL or Verilog are not programming languages like C or Python. They are hardware description languages. You use them to describe hardware constructs like gates, shift registers, memories, flip flops, counters, state machines, lookups tables, etc that implement the circuit necessary. In your case you want a serial shifter I guess that reads the DAC value into a FPGA internal register.

Another way to explain this is, think of designing an electronic circuit on a breadboard using basic building blocks like gates and shift registers. Once you have designed that circuit you can describe it easily in VHDL to implement in in a FPGA.

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