Code for DCM Tutorial

John Lamiet

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I read the tutorial and it makes sense,  I created the DCM using the clock wizard but can't get the code to compile.  I get an error "ERROR:Xst:2035 - Port <clk> has illegal connections. This port is connected to an input buffer and other components.".


Does anyone know what I need to do to correct the error? Does anyone have an example of code that compiles and works?


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Inst_SegDecComp: SegDecComp PORT MAP(

  clk => clk,

  inSignal => std_logic_vector(secCounter),

  outAnode => anode,

  outSeg => segments



The highlighted part should be myClk possibly. It doesn't like that you're connecting clk to the DCM and other logic modules. If that is what you're intending to do however you can get a copy of clk from the DCM CLK0 output.

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