хс3s1400аn.bit source

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Hello all!
I'm novice here.
I use in my device FPGA ХС3S1400АN (Xilinx Spartan-3AN family).
I use to configure a Xilinx parallel cable III and tool xc3sprog.
Command string for configuration is below
"xc3sprog-c pp -Ibscan_spi/хс3s1400аn.bit FileToISF.bit"
and works perfectly!
File "bscan_spi/хс3s1400аn.bit" is a part of Papilio-Loader-master. And I donnt know how it works.
Can I see the original project for the file xc3s1400an.bit from location "Papilio-Loader-master\xc3sprog\trunk\bscan_spi\xc3s1400an.bit"? Where?

Thanks everyone in advance for any answer!


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