Daily work on 1.5 release.

Jack Gassett

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Hey everyone, I'm splitting my time between work on the new Papilio boards and the Papilio Schematic Library. I got such great help when I posted about the next generation Papilio boards that I figured I would start posting about my daily work on the Papilio Schematic Library too. I always assumed it would bore peoples socks off but maybe people are interested and can give me some pointers or tips as I work through things. :)


So whats up next for the PSL is integrating everything into the ZAP IDE. I have a good release of all the HDL, but now I want to make everything tie together and get examples and libraries for all of the HDL components.


I've been putting lots of thought into how to tie things together and this is what I'm thinking:

  • I want to copy the PSL directory into the ZAP IDE folder and make a symbolic link to the Papilio_Schematic_Projects directory so that they show up as examples in the ZAP IDE. I need to restructure the PSL directory for this to work.
  • When you open up the ZAP IDE and select a PSL board then all of the examples will be available. When you open an example there will be links in the heading of the code that you can click on to load a bit file, open a pdf schematic, or open the schematic in ISE to edit.

The first step to making this work is to modify the source code for the ZAP IDE so that links to files in the sketch's directory can be opened. I've done this for windows already and the changes are checked in here:



It works in Windows but untested in linux.


Next up is re-arranging the directory structure and making symbolic links so the examples show up correctly in ZAP IDE.



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Ok, good progress today. I have the PSL template project restructured and it works to load files from the ZAP IDE sketch:


In the ZAP IDE I'm able to write a description that has links to the projects bit file, pdf printout of the schematic, and ISE project file. If a user clicks on any of those links it will automatically program the bit file, show the schematic, or open the ISE project for modification.



The project directory is much more cluttered now, but it is worth it since we can add easy to understand descriptions of the files in the sketch itself.


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Ok, I remembered that someone in the forum (Alex I think) said that you can change the ISE working directory in the xise file. So I broke up each LX, 500K, and 250K project to build in its own directory. This really cleaned up the cluttered directory and allowed me to write a script that will build all three projects at the same time. Before I was taking ages to manually build one project at a time, I should have done this months ago!


Cleaned up directory:



I got the first example integrated into the IDE:



I also added a Papilio Menu with links to all the important info:



Things are moving along nicely, next up is adding the rest of the examples and making sure all the libraries and example code is included and up to date.

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