Accidentally overwrote FPGA when installing.


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OK, so I was eager to dive in to this business so in my typical fashion, I did so without knowing really what I was doing. I tried running the loader first and I had assumed it was done because nothing was happening but I didn't look to see that it was "Programming:" I'm not a programmer or a hacker so I'm not used to this sort of prompt. Anyways long story short, I thought that I had flashed it correctly and I didn't know why the unit wasn't working, so I thought maybe I had selected the wrong thing. So I selected FPGA and wrote to that. There was an error and a crash. I guess I just wrote over the hardware profile (simulating hardware. That's how it works right?) and now I need a link to that file so I can load it back on and then I think I'll be solid. I figured out how to do the other thing from reading the forums (switching to expert mode and enabling write, verify, etc.)





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