Papilio Schematic Library V1.4

Jack Gassett

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Ok, this is the most exciting release of the Papilio Schematic Library yet, things are really coming together!


Get version 1.4 from the Papilio Schematic Library download page.


What's new? Lots of cool new features:


Benchy Waveform generator - generate sin, cos, and sawtooth waveforms.

Note: I can use help testing this out at higher speeds, I only have a 70Mhz Oscope so can only test to around 7Mhz. Anyone out there with a faster Oscope care to test at higher speeds?


Added a bunch of clock options - convert the 32Mhz clock to other standard speeds - 50Mhz, 100Mhz, 300Mhz, 960Mhz.


HQVGA - Use the VGA library with this HQVGA adapter in your project. Works with LogicStat, 8-bit VGA Wing, Arcade MegaWing.

VGA Wing - Symbol for 8 bit VGA Wing.


Hyperion Soft Processor for Papilio One 500K. Hyperion uses less BRAM memory for program code so you can use the HQVGA adapter on a P1 500K.


Sump Blaze Logic Analyzer - Add a logic analyzer to your project and debug external pins or internal FPGA logic.


LogicStart MegaWing Symbol


  • Wishbone Template - Use this to make your very own Wishbone peripheral using VHDL.
  • Arcade MegaWing Symbol (untested)

Here is a full list of all the schematic symbols available now:

  • Benchy Logic Analyzer 8
  • Benchy Waveform Generator
  • Multiple clock generators
  • Hardware
    • LogicStart MegaWing
    • Audio Wing
    • VGA Wing
    • Arcade MegaWing (untested)
  • Standalone Peripherals
    • Audiomixer
    • Delta Sigma DAC
    • Splitter2
    • Splitter4
  • Wishbone Peripherals
    • YM2149 Audio Chip
    • Audio Passthrough
    • Pokey Audio Chip
    • C64 SID Audio Chip
    • SPI
    • UART
    • Seven Segment Controller
    • Wishbone Template
    • HQVGA
    • HQVGA Character Map
  • Soft Processors
    • ZPUino Vanilla for Papilio One
    • ZPUino Hyperion for Papilio One
    • ZPUino Vanilla for Papilio Pro


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