ZAP 2.0.7 and LogicStart_QuickStart - does not compile


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I can't get the LogicStart_QuickStart example sketch to compile on ZAP 2.0.7 (Windows):


C:\temp\Papilio\zap-2.0.7\hardware\zpuino\zpu\libraries\modplayer\/modplayer.h:20:16: SD.h: No such file or directory
C:\temp\Papilio\zap-2.0.7\hardware\zpuino\zpu\libraries\modplayer\/modplayer.h:21:19: ramFS.h: No such file or directory
I tried moving / copying the respective directories around and also to change the header files to use absolute paths and I'm getting a little further, but that's obviously not how it is supposed to work. I'd expect an example-sketch to work out of the box, so what am I missing here? :o(
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Sorry about that, I updated the modplayer library to support changing the wishbone slot in order to support the new Papilio Schematic Library and didn't realize it hosed up some old examples.


Here is a corrected version of the example. I am also working on an easier to understand example for the next ZAP release.



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Oh, you are right, I don't see a Papilio Pro version of that particular project... I'm actually moving away from the practice of pre-compiling bit files from VHDL only projects in favor of making schematic versions using the Papilio Schematic Library.


I have the Schematic side of things done for the LogicStart MegaWing in the latest release of the Papilio Schematic Library (hopefully to release in the next couple hours, just in time for the weekend).


I'm more then halfway done with replacing that LogicStart Quickstart, the schematic design is done, but I will need a little more time to cleanup all the libraries and make an easy to understand sketch that does the same thing the existing one does. The one that you are looking at was really just a quick and dirty sketch meant to test the hardware, I should have a much nicer one done that uses libraries and is easy to understand in a week or so.


In the meantime, I should be releasing the next version of the PSL library in a couple hours and there are example sketches to output audio and video included. The library to access the SPI ADC and 7 segment LED's are done and working, but they need to be cleaned up and released still. Once that is done it will be easy to replicate the functionality of the LogicStart Quickstart sketch.


Thank you for your patience while I start replacing everything with PSL examples, the old way of doing things was just not very good...


Here is a look at what the LogicStart Schematic looks like:


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