Papilio Schematic Library V1.3

Jack Gassett

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Here is a new release of the Papilio Schematic Library.


I put a lot of time into making everything more user friendly, I hope it makes things easier for people!


Wishbone slots on soft processors have been spread out to give more room:



The GPIO symbol has been updated to allow a Wing type to be added which overrides the GPIO:

In this example an Audio Wing is connected to CH which overrides CH0 and CH1 with the left and right audio channels on the audio wing.



There are now example projects for the three main audio types we have:



MOD Player:



SID Player:



YM Player:


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I am getting missing symbol errors when I open the schematic for the YM2149-simple project:


ERROR: Could not find symbol "Papilio_Wing_Pinout"

ERROR: Could not find symbol "Wing_GPIO"

ERROR: Could not find symbol "Wing_Audio"

ERROR: Could not find symbol "MISC_zpuino_sa_splitter2"

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