Hi new to FPGA and this forum


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So... I thought I would take the opportunity to say hi! - I just know, I'm gonna be asking some "dumb" questions later for you all to enjoy at my expense :)


I've done some work with micro controllers and logic, probably like everyone else who comes here for the first time


I'm already greatly in debt to hamster for his great intro to fpga ebook which has a nice tone without being stupid but not so dry you fall asleep... :) - if you haven't read it and you're starting out you really should read it


I hear hints that he's writing one about soft cores sometime in the future - can't wait for that one!!!


For me the biggest misconception is that fpga's really are making a circuit of "units" what through me is that the programming languages although they clearly are languages they are not so much programming languages as they are languages to describe a circuit...


I'd assume you wrote a program and the software figured out how to turn that program, loops and all, into some kind of circuit (see told you you'd get amusement at my expense :D )


I'm reading and have even done a simple sim, while I'm waiting for my pap pro and vga wing... can't wait...!



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Chris, thank you for joining us. I'm glad to see that you have already come to the realization that working with an FPGA is more like describing a circuit then it is writing software. It's an important first step to changing the way you think about writing code in a HDL (Hardware Description Language) like VHDL.


Welcome and we look forward to working with you.


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