what would be required to use Code::Blocks or other IDE with ZPUino?


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Hi Folks, 

Basic level question here: what would it take to be able to use Code::Blocks or other C++ IDE (vs the ZAP, which while brilliant and intuitive and simple, perhaps isn't the tool for larger projects) with the ZPUino core running on a Papilio One or Pro board?
I'm perhaps being a bit thick and confusing things... i don't want to necessarily use the Arduino libraries with Code::Blocks but I do want to be able to download code to the target and ideally debug live too...  what would this take?

 (is it a simple matter of copying some files from the ZAP ide to code blocks or?)

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Well, it would definitely be possible to do, and if we ever get a good debugger going then it will be something that is necessary to do. As of right now there have been some exciting glimpses of potential debuggers for the ZPUino and AVR8 but none have solidified.


Getting it to work probably wouldn't take much, but supporting for the long haul is biting off more then I can chew right now...



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