Papilio One and Schematic Library

Mike R

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Hi, Just been testing the Schematic Library in ISE whilst waiting for my Papilio One to arrive but it looks as though the base project won't fit on the device. I have also just noticed that the 250k variant is missing from the latest Schematic Library v1.1.


Does that mean the Papilio One no longer supported?





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Hello Mike,


The Papilio One 250k should still fit and be supported by the Papilio Schematic Library. I was juggling a complete rewrite of the library with the 1.1 release and just missed making the 250K base project. I'll get an update out with the 250k base project and verify it still fits.


In the meantime you can use the 500k base project and just change the chip type to a 250k. That's the only difference...



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