trying to download the quick-start bit file under ubuntu


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Hi everyone,


I'm trying to  use a Papilio Pro  under ubuntu 12.04 LTS, with Xilinx ISE 14.6.


The papilio loader won't be able to access the board, and the board itself wouldn't show up with a lsusb command.


I found bits and pieces on the net about FTDI drivers and udev files, but I'm a bit lost... could anyone point me in the right direction?

For a start, how do I check if I have the right FTDI drivers installed?


Thank you very much!





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I have tried a different cable and all the usb ports on my laptop, with no luck.


I can try a different computer with windows on it.


Can you confirm that the pre-loaded bit file is the same as the "quickstart bit file", so that if the USB connectionis ok I should be able to see the ASCII table output?




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Hi again!

I've installed the drivers on my window XP computer, and the situation was not better: nothing happens when I plug the Papilio into any of the us ports (with 2 different cables).

I suspect that this is a hardware problem.

Is there a way to check if the FTDI chip is working (against the hp that the problem is just a damaged usb female connector)?The RX and TX  LED never flashed on my board...

I have access to a multimeter, but not to a scope.

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Hello vanox,


It sounds like a faulty board, the Quickstart code is loaded to the board at the factory as a test to verify all board functionality. If you apply power and see that the odd numbered pins are blinking then that means that the FT2232 chip was working long enough at the factory to pass testing. It should also be outputting an ASCII table on the serial port. It would be helpful to know if the odd pins are blinking or not, but most importantly we need to get you a replacement board.


Can you send us an email to with a reference to this forum thread and we will get you a new board out right away?



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