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I just recently purchased a Pipistrello, and one of the things provided was a folder of files that I placed in the proper place in the ISE installation, which caused ISE to start offering "Pipistrello" as one of the board it can target.  This made starting a project targeted for the Pipistrello a breeze.


Has anyone made these files for the Papilio One and/or Papilio Pro?

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Not that I know of. You should be able to make some based on the Pipi files if you change the FPGA type and speed grade as well as the package. Then post them here and be a hero :)

I've always found it easy enough to just specify all the parameters but this would be helpful for beginners.

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I'm still at the stage of learning where I'm sure I've selected the wrong thing whenever I start a new project.  Having all of that done for me with the pipistrello was a pleasant surprise.


I have to admit that after 30+ years of software dev I enjoy being a newbie again.


I suppose I could take a swing at making the files for the One and Pro.  Would be a good way to understand the tools better.

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