papilio-prog on mac osx maverick


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I've been developing Papilio apps on my Macbook Pro. It has been

working great so far. Normally, I run ubuntu under vmware and download

bit files using papilio-prog.


Yesterday, I upgraded to Maverick.


Unfortunately, now I can't seem to get papilio-prog to work. If I run it

I get the following error.


% papilio-prog -c

Could not access USB device 0403:6010.


I recompiled the source, and I get basically the same message. I also

tried it using sudo.


I looked at /dev and now I get the following devices.




I think this has changed, but I can't remember what it used to show.


Any suggestions?






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I downloaded the Mac Installer. Installation worked fine.


But the programmer still can't access the device. Here is the message I get.


Could not access USB device 0403:6010. If this is linux then use sudo.


I tried it from the GUI and from the command line. On the command line, I tried

it with sudo. None of these attempts worked.



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I think I figured it out.


Mavericks now loads the FTDI drivers by default. In order to use libftdi, you need to unload the

driver. Here is what I did:


sudo kextunload -v -bundle


There may be another way to do this.


I haven't tried the serial port yet.



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Hi I had the same problem, "Could not access USB device 0403:6010. If this is linux then use sudo" it was intermittent. Rebooting the computer seemed to help but it would fail after 10 mins or so. I found this forum and twoothers and tried the recommendations to no avail but then found at the end of this forum;


The conclusion that the cable was the problem. I replaced my cable with a shorter one and it all worked! :-)

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I've updated my last forum post on how to have the programmer and serial port active simultaneously ( This thread looks a bit old so I assume OP may not care anymore, but I'm posting here in the hopes that it'll will help anyone who lands here from google.

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