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I stumbled upon Gadgetforge as I was looking for a simple stepper motor design to play with on a cypress psoc board.     I wish I would have known about the Papilio before I bought it.. the cypress psoc board is a bit more complicated for a newbie.


Anyways, I understand the code at the old site , is outdated compared to / however I can't seem to find the referenced verilog & vhdl files anywhere:  (BPW5005_1axis_Stepper_Controller_Core.v ? BPW5005_1axis_Stepper_Controller_Core.vhd ?)


The only file that looks close, the registers don't seem to match the old tutorial..



Are the old files still available anywhere?   I'd be eternally grateful if someone could post it here, or PM / email it (my username @ lycos dot com).







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Thanks,   I didn't think the registers matched the tutorial, but I see that they do now!  My vhdl isn't as good as my verilog, which isn't very good either I'm afraid   :unsure:  .  And to make matters worse I had to massage the file in order for it to synthesize on my wishbone-less design!    (Who would've thought wishbone needs not only CS/WE but also CYC and STB to latch data?!)



Regarding the calculations, if I understand correctly, the system clock (in mhz) goes to the SMTBASE register, while the step frequency (in microseconds) is written to SMPERIOD, correct?



There's a note on the old page about a header file containing macros for the above calculations (I assume also for the prescaler).. is that in the Arduino / Papilio sketch?

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