Cant find LX9(Pro) with ZAP Linux IDE ?


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Hi, I'm not quite clear about your post, particularly about GCC or version 1.0.  But I shall assume that what you're wanting to do is use ZAP Arduino environment with Papilio Pro. 


So, for starters the thing you need to install is this: ZAP ZPUino Arduino Papilio - it's version 2.05, although it's based around Arduino 1.5.2.


If you've got that installed, you can start it up (Arduino.exe) - it's visually unchanged from the standard Arduino environment which I hope you're already familiar with.  The differences are in the menus - in the Tools menu, you will be able to select various flavours of Papilio boards.  For a Papilio Pro you will have choices such as selecting one with VGA support built in for either a Logic Start or Arcade Megawing.  If you have one of these add-on boards and want to try the VGA examples, pick one of those board entries from the menu.


Also in the Tools menu you should pick the right serial port for the board and select 'Papilio programmer' from the Programmer submenu.


Finally before you can send any programs to the Papilio Pro you will need to select the 'Burn Bootloader' option from the Tools menu - this sends the bitfile for the selected flavour of ZPUino to the Papilio's FLASH.


Once the bootloader's flashed to the board, you will be able to send Arduino programming to it using the Send toolbar button same as with a regular Arduino.


Hope that was what you wanted to do - if not, some more detail would be needed.

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Dear RorschachUK and Jack,


Thanks for your great support


My working environment is based on Ubuntu, I want to use ZAP IDE at Ubuntu 12


So i check how to  install tool chain


After install, i download the linux version of ZAP IDE


It seems the linux verson is just 1.0


ZAP (ZPUino Arduino Papilio) IDE 2.0.5 it only have windows version?


Thank you



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  • 3 months later...

Hello all,


anything new on ZAP IDE Linux? I tried the Linux x86 version from Alvie's site on my 64bit Ubuntu. I exchanged the rxtx lib to the 64bit Version and the IDE starts up but no serial port is found (besides this tcp port thinggy)

Any advise how to get the ZAP IDE going on a 64 bit Linux?


B.t.w. the windows version within wine shows up some com ports but none is found for upload finally (neither ZPUIno in SPI as Loader nor an AVR)


Thanks a lot


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