Hello FPGA world :)


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Friendly greetings \o/

I'm ker2x, keru, kerunix, 35yo, Toulouse, France. (My french is somewhat better than my english.)

I started to mess with computer 30 years ago and now i'm an experienced system adminsitrator (well, mostly linux administrator now).


I'm interested in  fpga since a loooooooong time, reading stuff about it here and there but : 

  • vendor evaluation boards are expeeensiiiiiive (omg!)
  • i can't do any soldering (really, i can't, seriously)
  • sometime you find not-so-expensive board but the shipping cost is the not-so-hidden cost.
  • some vendors have cool stuff but : no price (they say "low-cost") and when you manage to get a contact you understand that they don't want to sell to individuals (because individuals don't buy consulting services, probably)


Well, since a i started 30y ago, i obviously met the demoscene and i'm addicted to chiptunes :)

Earlier this week i saw this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqSvkNjWnnQ

(abusing the lissajous mode of an oscilloscope)

And, yesterday, i saw this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob8jZyfnujM (Oooooooo =^_^=)

1h later the papilio was ordered, with an audio wing (shipping to france will take some time).


I'd like to share with you a collection of ressource that help me to understand fpga, code, computer, electronics, algorithms, ...


I'm probably missing tons of ressources, but they are the one i remember enjoying.

There is one more link i'd like to add : http://www.fractalforums.com/ this is where we invent new fractals.

Lots of crazy dude (and dudette), including myself, hopelessly addicted to complex numbers.


One of my long term project with FPGA is to create a complex-number co-processor or, even better, a full software CPU optimized for fractal generation. (well ? perhaps i can hack the ZPUino ? Mmmm).



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i stopped collecing old computers :)

My most power hungry computer is a "ControlData Cyber 910" wich is basically a rebadged IRIS 3000 with a 68k cpu (so it's pre-IRIX) and like 24 MIPS (i don't remember exactly) for the graphic card.


Nice stuff, big like a small fridge, PSU rated at 60A 12V :D

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Hi there,


happy to meet a french FPGA fan on this forum!!

I live near Romans (26).


Regarding shipping, my Papillo pro + logic start arrived in less than one week, and what is much better... without any tax!!


I will send you a Personnal Message, so that we could exchange per mail.


I'm OK with µ (PIC only + some old stuff as 6502) but starting with FPGA, so for the time being I'm very happy when the right LED is on :D


Hope to hear or read you very soon.

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