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I booted up my Papilio Pro this weekend but found that I can't use the Serial port to program stuff from ZAP.

It just hangs at the uploading stage and then nothing happens.


I can program the bit files with the papilio loader, but the secondary COM port seems out-of-order.

Executing  C:\zap-2.0.5/hardware/tools/zpu/bin/zpu-elf-size C:\Users\kk\AppData\Local\Temp\build7153807610699005474.tmp/ZPuino_serial_speed.cpp.elfBinary sketch size: 956 bytes (of a 8 388 608 byte maximum) - 932 bytes ROM, 28 bytes memory, 0% usedCannot get programmer version, aborting 

Any tips?



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In the ZAP Arduino Tools menu, is Programmer set to Papilio Programmer? 

Is the Board set to an appropriate ZPUino board? 

Have you flashed the bitfile to the Papilio with the Burn Bootloader option?


Yes, Yes and Yes. I've also used the Papilio Loader App to load my bitfiles, but to no avail.


I've checked the FT2232D EEPROM with FTProg and it says its a blank device, is this correct?


From the schematics I gather that the UART does not use the other RS232 signals (RTS, CTS, DTR, DCD, RI, TXDEN, SLEEP, SI/WU). So there should not be anything blocking the down-stream transfer of data anyhow. Maybe I will check that these signals are correct.




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Hello AIY,


If you are getting the Invalid chain position error that normally means there is a problem with the solder joints between the FT2232 and the FPGA. You can try to touch the pins up or we can just replace the board for you. Here is a troubleshooting guide for the Papilio One that shows where the pins between the FT2232 and FPGA are located. It should be very similar for the Papilio Pro. But please don't feel like you have to do anything, its just if you want to, otherwise please just send us your mailing address and a link to this forum thread at and we will get a new board to you.


Sorry for the inconvenience,


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