Problem forking ZAP from github


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I cloned the ZAP directory from Github using the zip function and compiled it from the build directory.

The app compiles without errors. When I then try to compile the Retrocade sketch (without any modifications) I run into the following problem

Found smallfs directory/Users/dj_mib/Downloads/ZAP--ZPUino-Arduino-Papilio--IDE-master/build/macosx/work/ /var/folders/pz/hdpbpx7d3099q3t5xyq8qsp40000gn/T/build275270339656441873.tmp/smallfs.dat /Users/dj_mib/Documents/Sinistra/RetroCade_Synth/RetroCade_Sketch/smallfs Cannot run program "/Users/dj_mib/Downloads/ZAP--ZPUino-Arduino-Papilio--IDE-master/build/macosx/work/": error=2, No such file or directory	at	at	at	at	at$	at

So there seems to be some issue with the small FS lib.


Any ideas?



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