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hi guys,

 iam asked to do project based on fpga in our college, i know very little only, my confusion is  which type of FPGA kit i have to purchase for the below details.

the concept is store the different voice in memory and if the user voice get matched  a relay should energise,

 totally i have to record and store 5 voices, if voice get matched  in a LCD a text should diplay "success voice matched", if voice  does not match  the text should be " voice mismatch try later" this is the concept. please kindly guide me  or update me  to purchase suitable low cost fpga kit

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You are in way over your head. Once you know how to implement the design, you can start to code it and determine the FPGA that will be required. This sounds like a very advanced project and starting out with something so complex is sure to end in frustration. When I was first starting out I was happy to make an LED blink!

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Well, actually, if he uses the ZPUino and the ethernet library included with the ZAP IDE then it is very easy. But trying to program an ethernet solution in VHDL would be a nightmare... That's why we've put so much time and effort into soft processors for the Papilio... It will be getting even easier as I continue to flesh out the Papilio Schematic Library with new features and building blocks.


I was just saying that he asked this same question about the ethernet library in three different places, after I answered in the first two places I was a little put off to see the exact same question again...



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