Introduction info can't get

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I came to this page


I clicked "getting started" and another page came up with what I was interested in, an introduction.

"Introduction?: What is the OpenBench Logic Sniffer and what is it used for??"

When I click "Introduction" I am asked for a password. I enter the password I registered with and it will not accept me. What gives?

How many passwords do I need?


I purchased the product and I am waiting for it to arrive, I would like to know more about but on your website I can't.

Why is it so hard, after purchasing the item, I can't find out more about it? Stupid I suppose, and admit up front, now please help with the problem.


Please help.

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That website is made with PMWiki, as with any Wiki you are supposed to put links for articles you want to add later to encourage yourself or someone else to write a page. In PMWiki a page that has not been written yet shows up with a ? at the end. So basically that introduction page was a place holder for a page that was intended to be written but never was. I removed it to prevent further confusion.



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