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I just wanted to try my Retrocade Synth, so I started with the GetStarted Quick Start.


I downloaded all Versions of RetroCade Synth-1.0, which start to install. When building the uninstall, the installation crashes with all versions. I wanted to test the previous versions, but all files are not available (404 File not Found). This was with a Windows 7 x64 PC. I attempted various Windows compatibility Modes without success. The installer never tries to install the drivers as mentioned in the quick start, but this may happen after creating the uninstall.


The installer has created 16 Files in 6 Folders with 18,3MB in my Retrocade folder, which is less then considered since a complete installation with over 400mb was mentioned. Is there a workaround available? Can i manually install the software, drivers and create the shortcuts?


Since I have a second PC with Windows 8 x64 I attempted an install. Windows asks for Admin rights, but never starts the installer.





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Hello Dossy,


Sorry for the trouble with the installer, do you have any kind of a non-standard setup like your OS installed on a drive other then C: or are you trying to change the default install directories? Have you verified that you have enough drive space available? ZPUino IDE installs to the root of C:.


Are you seeing a Gadget Factory directory under Program Files? If so you can manually install the drivers by going into the Gadget Factory\Papilio USB Drivers directory and running the install.bat file. Alternatively the RetroCade Installer just repackages the Papilio Loader installer which can be downloaded from here.


If you are seeing 18.3MB in the RetroCade folder then that is about right, the bulk of the files installed in the full installer are the ZPUino IDE, which is used to modify the RetroCade Sketch. The ZPUino IDE installs to the root of your C: drive, and I suspect that is the most likely culprit to fail during installation.


Once you have the Papilio Loader installed you should be able to go into the RetroCade directory and just right click on ZPUino_SOC\RetroCade-1.0-zpuino-1.0-PapilioPro-S6LX9-RetroCade-1.0.bit and select "Write permanently to Papilio board". This will install the latest RetroCade firmware to the SPI Flash of your Papilio. You can then open the Dashboard in the Dashboards/Flowstone directory.


Finally, if you want to modify the RetroCade sketch then I would recommend installing the new ZAP IDE. It does not yet include the RetroCade sketch but it has been tested and does compile the RetroCade sketch correctly. The installer should install the RetroCade sketch under Documents\Arduino\RetroCade_Sketch. I know that is a hard to find location, but it was forced by Windows 8 which won't let you modify any files that are located in the Program Files directory.


Hope that helps, let me know if that is not enough to get you going.



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Hi Jack,


The OS i'm using is installed on C with plenty of free space.


I installed the Papilo Loader with the file mentioned above. The installer crashed when creating the uninstall. (I haven't had similar installer problems before)


I found the Drivers and manually installed these. I then installed the firmware, which completed succesfully. I didn't have a button to "write permenantly to Papilio Board", but the firmware is permenantly installed.


I had already found all the files. Now i just need to read the manual and find out how to get a sound out of it.


I just have a qustion to the dashboard: when i select keyboard a windows pops up: Device in Use - The selected device is in use by another application and cannot be selected. Is this a Problem that only I am having?


Thx for the Help!! :)



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I have finished reading the manual.


The keyboard problem has solved itself. I just leave midi In and Out as None and I can start playing on my pc keyboard. 


The RetroCade sounds great and looks lovely on the oscilloscope.


Cant wait to see how it performs against my SID's.


:D  :D  :D  :D

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