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I just got my Retrocade bundle.  Very exciting.  A couple of words to the shipping departmernt: Bent Pins.  Maybe the boards should be shipped assembled.


Anyway, With some care, everything fit into its proper connector.  The trouble is that when I try to upgrade the frimware, the RUN button is greyed out, and after a couple of minutes, the Information filed displays


This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.


The application does not crash, or quit, but it also does not proceed to load.  Maybe there is a dependency like a .NET or something?


I also notice that the Target Board drop-down does not list the Pro as a selection.


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The problem is that the Papillio Pro comes with a sketch pre-loaded, that has to be replaced FIRST.  This step is missing from the user guide instructions.


Step #3 should be to open the link Edit RetroCade Synth Sketch, select the Papillio Pro board, Select the Com port, and Upload.


Once this is done, the firmware upload steps will proceed smoothly.

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Thank you for the feedback, we were hoping the boxes would provide protection for the RetroCade but it sounds like that is not working as well as we hoped. Shipping the the boards assembled together is a good idea, I'll have my shipper start doing that.


I'm sorry you had difficulty with the initial programming of the board, the bit file that the Papilio Loader is supposed to load to the board does actually contain the RetroCade sketch. If that step would have worked then there would have been no need to load the sketch directly from the ZPUino IDE.


I need to get to the bottom of why the Papilio Loader seems to be unstable lately, can I ask what OS you are using? Is it Windows 8?



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