how to get an anakog input


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The Spartan FPGAs have no A/D converters built in so there in no easy way to sample an analog voltage directly. There are hacks where you could use a couple of pins and some external logic to make an A/D but frankly your best bet is to buy an A/D converter. I suggest you look at in their PMOD section and buy something suitable. I have personally purchased a PmodAD2 which is a serial (SPI) A/D based on a AD7991 chip with four analog inputs and I would recommend that.


Also I should say that since the Papilio can't accept PMODs directly you need some accessories such as these to hook up PMODs to the board.

TILE_2PinMTE_150.jpg  TILE_6PinMTE_150.jpg and TILE_1x6header_150.jpg

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