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I am one of the original Kickstarter backer for this project and have had the RetroCade for some time but haven't been able to get much use out of it as I live in a completely Mac world. I barley even know anyone using PC right now. Installing and running parallels is a work around but cost more money and means I'm having to work in a Windows environment wich I don't like. I'm still patient and hopeful you guys will make a Mac installer so I can really get to use this synth. Thanks for reading.

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Hello Charlie,


Thank you for supporting the RetroCade. Can I ask what area of the software are you interested in for the Mac? Are you interested in being able to modify the source code of the RetroCade or are you interested in the control Dashboard?


If you are interested in modifying the source code then we should be able to get you setup with a Mac build of the ZAP IDE. But the control Dashboard is a different matter, the application used to create the Dashboard and VST plugin is a Windows only solution. But the good news is that the RetroCade is still completely usable with any audio tool, all features of the RetroCade are exposed through MIDI CC so it can be used with your favorite MIDI application, the control Dashboard is really not necessary at all. Any MIDI controller or audio software can be easily adapted to use with the RetroCade using the MIDI CC implementation chart located here.




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I am working on a cross platform RetroCade Synth dashboard using Ctrlr ( which is completely open source and runs on linux/mac/windows as standalone or as a vst/au plugin. The initial alpha release (which is almost done!) won't have multiple patch support but that'll come sooner or later. I'll be posting it here and on the Ctrlr site when it's ready, so look forward to that soon!


I couldn't get the windows dashboard to work 100% right on my live linux machine (none of the text showed up), so I just decided to make my own open one based on the midi specs =)

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