Papilio on Spartan 3E development board


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Hello everyone,


Yesterday i came to know about Papilio, I'm impressed with this product really a great innovation. I'm a great lover of Arduino, and done lot of projects and robots with it. But don't know much about FPGA, i has started studying FPGA for last 2 weeks. I got a Spartan 3E development board 1 week ago. Yesterday I read that this Papilio is completely open source and it contain Spartan 3E, I downloaded the HDL files, loader and other downloads from Papilio website. I want to know can I change this development board to Papilio so that i can start today itself learning Papilio?? Waiting for your valuable replays......  :)

Thank You



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Hi! It will be a steep learning curve, but more than possible to build the AVR8 core for the your development board.  In fact it should be no harder then


a. changing the FPGA device type for the project,

b. updating the pin mappings in the ".ucf" file to match your desired I/O loayout

c. changing the clocking infrastructure to make the changes required to move from the 32MHz clock to your board's clock rate (most likely 50MHz?).


That will give you a working AVR8 core for your board.


I have used the data2mem utility to merge compiled code (a .hex file) into the ".bit" file before I've downloaded it to the FPGA - but when I was doing this I was using 'AVR Studio' for my software development, not the Arduino environment.


The unknown bit for me is how to integrate the vendor's tool to download the .bit file into the Arduino tool chain. It might just be a case of a custom board definition - Jack might be able to offer some wise words.

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