Papilio plug on Sparkfun


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That is a pretty robust fun thread to read.  Thanks for the tip.

I just receive my first Papilio last night in the mail, and stayed up until the wee hours happily loading various pre-compiled bit files to it, and working through the first few chapters of HamsterNZ's excellent PDF e-tutorial.

One thing that amused me was receiving the Papilio kit (LogicStart MegaWingbundle with Papilio One 500, + a button/LED wing ) and there was absolutely no docs whatsoever in it.  Thankfully, I'd "done my homework" and already had the loader, the ZAPide, and ISE/WebPack downloaded.  

I think GadgetFactory could do a big service to its customers by at least including a one-pager in the box with a brief overview and a couple of URLs. That is a bare minimum.  I think a really awesome bundle would include a CD or DVD with everything needed to load up a few pre-compiled bit files. Also, maybe the ZPUino pre-burnt to the Papilio's flash RAM. (Though I'm stuck at the moment unable to get the right pseudo-COM ports...)


I'm a longtime software engineer just beginning to dip my toes in the world of electronics and circuits. Prior to getting the Papilio One, I spent a couple days with an Arduino I bought from the local Radio Shack. It is kind of fun, but seems "weak."

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Markhu, I'm the exact opposite of you, as soon as I receive some new gadget, I promptly throw away any CD and paper documentation and head straight to the web to download the latest most up to date software, drivers, documentation pdfs etc. In my opinion, the things you ask for only add to the price of the bundle because someone has to pay for the CD and booklets, and end up as landfill in the end which is not very green in this day and age.


Also I would imagine that, unless the Papilio was given to someone as a present out of the blue, most people buying this online are aware of where the relevant websites are to get the required software and doco. I guess our differing attitudes just goes to show you can't please everyone all of the time :)

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