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Hi there,


I found a very nice tutorial about FPGA in WIKIPEDIA.




It's in French Langage, and I did not try to find if it exists in English. Anyway for me it's perfect!!

I do not know if there are a lot of french guys on this forum (would be nice to have a


Thre are very detailed explanations about SoC processors, and I think I begin to understand a few things.

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Sorry, once again bad key stroke and the message has been sent unwillingly!!


What I was saying is that if there are French speaking gyus on this forum, it would be nice to have a contact.


May be this link has already been reported <_<

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Hey F6EFQ :)


Nice tutorial I really like it. Its hard to find good VHDL and FPGA tutos in french but this one looks really good.


BTW you are not the only french Papilio user here we have other great users from france look at this project on our blog it was made by a french guy and its actually a pretty good project:.


Me too I'm a french speaker alor bienvenu chez nous mon ami amuse toi bien en consultant notre forum et notre blog.




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Thanks for answer,


I was hoping to find a user group in France to try to exchange.

I've no problem with english as I work in an international company and I lived some tiomes in the US, but it's always better to speak mother language!!


Well, now I got my PAPILIO, and this evening I will try to set-up the drivers, as to try the first easy configuration from Hamster book: only two leds and two buttons, but you have to start low, problem being to go up!!!


Thanks again and have fun.

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