Ham Radio & FPGA


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Sorry, bad stroke and the message went out not fonished!!!


I did not find any project related to Ham Radio.

Are they some OM in the formum? (I already found some ham calls as identifier on the member list).


My primary interest is ham radio and related electronic stuff.

I'm looking for signal generators, electronic keyers, rig control... or any nice starting project.

I already tried this with PICµ, but now I would like to have another try with FPGA


Thanks for any hint.

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well, it's not really ham radio because sending in the FM band, which is illegal (at least if you send out of your home, but I think that out power is so low that it does not matter), but it's worth a try and good starting point.


Thnaks for your nice wiki.

I've downloaded you book some time ago and it's really helping a lot, although for the time being, I could not understand exactly what to do!!


I'm used to µ, but completely ignorant in logic so I have to learn. This will keep me awake for the future and give good time for my retirement!!

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