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First of all: Thanks for your work on OLS - a wonderful & awesome tool!!! :)


I would like to watch the videos in the OLS Wiki: When I open a page with a video, inside the video frames something like a progress dialog appears, but it disappears shortly and the frame stays black.


IIRC, I tried to view some of the videos a view weeks ago and it worked perfectly fine then. What could be the matter now?


Thanks & best regards,


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Hello Michael,


Sorry for the hassle with the videos, I didn't actually do anything. :)


The problem is that those videos are hosted at When I made the videos Youtube didn't support HD quality so was the easiest way to get good enough quality to see what was going on. I used to pay a monthly fee for hosting at but decided to stop throwing away that money and transfer all videos to Youtube. Looks like I missed the vids on the OLS wiki and ran over my quota, we must have just hit the reset time in the last day because they are back up again. I'm putting a reminder onto my task list to transfer the videos to Youtube.


If you run into any videos that you want to see and are not showing up then please make a forum post or shoot us an email at and we will get it sorted out.




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