Bad USB cable for the Papilio.


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I got a free USB cable when I bought the Papilio Pro Arcade bundle.
Really nice to get that included.

Unfortunately my USB cable was broken. Could not recognice USB device.
I changed the cable to an old one I got and it worked.


Just giving the heads up that there might be a batch of bad USB cables.
So, my sugestion is to test the cables before they are included in a shipment.


Best Regards





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We are testing the cables we send out now, and we are removing the free cable from our bundles until we get a better batch of cables in. We need to honor the orders we currently have, and will do so by testing the cables before sending them out. But once we get the free cable removed from our bundles we will be throwing these clear cables away. Even one person getting a bad cable and being frustrated is just not what we are about...



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I just noticed this topic. I recently received my board with a black cable which was fit for the bin when it arrived. It caused headaches for this past week (see here: because it worked well enough to power the FPGA but clearly had a high resistance. Being new to FPGAs I had assumed it was my code that was to blame until I discovered the problem.


A friend of mine had his board arrive yesterday with a black cable in an identical looking bag, but the cables were visually different. Mine was much thinner and more flexible.



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Thank you for the heads up on this, I went through my bag of USB cables and sure enough there are two slightly different cables. One is thicker and less flexible and the other is thinner and more flexible, just like you described. I had put in an initial order to evaluate the cable and once I had been using it for a while and there were no problems I put in a second order. It looks like the second order was the inferior cable that you got, but they were close enough in appearance that without a close inspection I never would have noticed!


I never would have imagined it would be this difficult to source good USB cables. :) Even worse, what was meant as a nice convenience for Papilio users has backfired twice now and caused headache and grief for new users instead.


Guess I need to find a new source for cables, and throw yet another batch of cables away...


Anyway, thank you for bringing it to my attention, we can limit it happening again.



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