UART Demo on Papilio Pro


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I've tried following your tutorial on getting the UART demo running on the Papilio, but it seems things are a little different with the 'Pro' version. Particularly, the Spartan 6 version of the Microblaze doesn't seem to have the VHDL top-level directory, and when importing the UART files it fails to synthesize. Any thoughts? 

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Ok, the following was as far as I could go. I used the Xilinx's KCPSM6 for the uart_tx and rx, and configured the UCF for the Papilio Pro but I still don't receive any kind of echo in the COM port. Here's the code:



library IEEE;use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL;library UNISIM;use UNISIM.VComponents.all;entity UARTExample is    Port (     rx : in  std_logic;               tx : out std_logic;LED1 : out std_logic; extclk : in  std_logic);end UARTExample;architecture Behavioral of UARTExample iscomponent uart_tx6 isport (             data_in : in  std_logic_vector(7 downto 0); buffer_write : in  std_logic; buffer_reset : in  std_logic; en_16_x_baud : in  std_logic;buffer_data_present : out std_logic;serial_out : out std_logic;buffer_full : out std_logic;buffer_half_full : out std_logic; clk : in  std_logic);end component; component uart_rx6 is  port (            serial_in : in  std_logic;                  buffer_read : in  std_logic;                 buffer_reset : in  std_logic;    en_16_x_baud : in  std_logic;                          clk : in  std_logic;                     data_out : out std_logic_vector(7 downto 0);          buffer_data_present : out std_logic;      buffer_half_full : out std_logic;                  buffer_full : out std_logic);end component; COMPONENT dcm32to96PORT(CLKIN_IN : IN std_logic;          CLKFX_OUT : OUT std_logic;CLKIN_IBUFG_OUT : OUT std_logic;CLK0_OUT : OUT std_logic);END COMPONENT; signal dout : STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (7 downto 0);signal data_present, en_16_x_baud, clk : STD_LOGIC;signal baud_count : integer range 0 to 5 :=0;beginbaud_timer: process(clk)beginif clk'event and clk='1' thenif baud_count=1 thenbaud_count <= 0;en_16_x_baud <= '1';elsebaud_count <= baud_count + 1;en_16_x_baud <= '0';end if;end if;end process baud_timer;impl_uart_tx: uart_tx6port map (   data_in => dout,   buffer_write => data_present,   buffer_reset => '0',   en_16_x_baud => en_16_x_baud,   clk => clk,   serial_out => tx,buffer_data_present => LED1,buffer_half_full => open,   buffer_full => open);impl_uart_rx6 : uart_rx6port map (   serial_in => rx,   buffer_read => '1',   buffer_reset => '0',   en_16_x_baud => en_16_x_baud,   clk => clk,   data_out => dout,   buffer_data_present => data_present,buffer_half_full => open,buffer_full => open);Inst_dcm32to96: dcm32to96 PORT MAP(CLKIN_IN => extclk,CLKFX_OUT => clk,CLKIN_IBUFG_OUT => open,CLK0_OUT => open); end Behavioral;
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And the corresponding UCF:



## Prohibit the automatic placement of pins that are connected to VCC or GND for configuration.CONFIG PROHIBIT=P144;CONFIG PROHIBIT=P69;CONFIG PROHIBIT=P60;NET "extclk"       LOC="P94"  | IOSTANDARD=LVTTL | PERIOD=31.25ns;               # CLKNET "rx"           LOC="P101" | IOSTANDARD=LVTTL | DRIVE=8 | SLEW=FAST;          # RXNET "tx"           LOC="P105" | IOSTANDARD=LVTTL | DRIVE=8 | SLEW=FAST | PULLUP; # TX
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Actually... The above code works pretty well... The thing is that the configured baud rate is 3000000 (3Mbit/s!!!). I've pushed the papilio pro's migration to here:

I searched Gadget Factory's github for a repo to fork this code, but I couldn't found it. If there exists such a repo, please drop a note and I'll do a pull request.

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