JTAG debugging with ZPUino?


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I'm completely new to JTAG and wanted to see if I was on the right track here. I was looking at buying one of these:



I have a Papilio Pro that I run a (slightly) modified ZPUino on but the core is the same. The main difference is I don't use the UART to program it in the same way ZPUino does, basically I have custom boot loader code.


From what I can gather from searching the web and this site it seems easy enough to use IMPACT to program a bit file and it seems I can debug code running on the ZPUino with this as well based on my understanding of how "zpuino_debug_core.vhd" and "zpuino_debug_jtag.vhd" work. So here is where I am at:


Solder a header onto the open JTAG slots on the board

Put the FT2232 into High-Z mode (does the second channel used for the UART still work in this case?)

Program an updated bit file that incorporates the zpuino_debug_jtag(this is the TAP, correct?) with IMPACT


And then I'm not sure where to go from there, is there a program that will let me use GDB(zpu-elf-gdb) with this configuration to step through code? Is this what OpenOCD does and if so can I use it with the ZPUino core? Is there anything else I need to do this?


Any insight would be much appreciated as to how/if you guys are doing this kind of thing. Thank so much.


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