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I was playing around with the audio output on the Logicstart megawing and found I was only getting audio out of one channel. A quick look at the schematic shows that one side of the audio jack is connected to the switched passthrough pin rather than the pin that mates with the plug. This causes one channel to be connected to nothing when the plug is inserted, rather than both being tied to the single audio line. This can be fixed easily by soldering in a jumper to bridge the two pins but it would be a trivial fix to the PCB layout. I'm guessing others have caught this by now but I haven't seen any mention of it.

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Hello James,


This was an embarrassing mistake on my part. :) It's fixed in the new 2.1 design that I just checked into github. I also just submitted the new design to the PCB house so we can make manufacturing samples and get the next batch of boards rolling. It will probably be around two months before we can get the new design out there, IF everything goes smoothly with this new design.



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Cool, good to know, at least this is an easy one to fix. It would be cool to have a list of erratta posted somewhere for each revision of the boards that can be updated with suggested repair procedures and/or workarounds where applicable. I don't mind poking around in the schematics and troubleshooting when things don't work the way I expect, but this sort of thing could trip up the less hardware-inclined users.

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