Missing files when building RetroCade bitfile from source pulled down from GadgetFactory GIT


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I'm trying to build  the RetroCade  bit file from source.   According the to readme.txt file in the RetroCade_Synth/ZpUino_SOC  I cloned the source from the Gadget  Factory's Branch at Github.


The build fails due to missing  files.  I checked the source and the zpuino_wb_audiomixer.vhd file is  missing.   



Have any of  you built retrocade  from source successfully ?   I'm very interested in the source because I'm learning.  I also plan on modifying the vhdl to use several

of the GPIO pins on the Retrocade board for I2C communications, driving an hbridge, and driving r/c servos.  I'll remove  most  of the retrocade  synthesizer code.

I'll utilize the lcd and create a  simple adpcm audio port to play simple au format audio 11khz files.   The plan is to build an fpga based robot controller.

I figured phase one will be based on the zpuino soc.   To start this project I need to be able to build the retrocade from source, and install that.





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