1080p output.


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I've switched my Linux image to use 1080p (using instructions on http://www.the-greathouses.net/blog/2013/03/setting-pcduino-display-resolution/), but does anybody know if Android can be made to run with 1080p output?


Some other A10 boards I use do let you choose 1080p output, but in call cases the actual user interface remains at the same effective resolution (which is great on TVs, but very chunky on a 1080p monitor that is 50cm from your face).


PS. Jack, maybe you should get an updated "evb.bin" bin file on the site allowing new users to quickly switch the boot display resolution, with a quick howto on mounting /boot and updating it.

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I believe your question here is not about the actual width and height in pixels resolution that Android uses but the DPI resolution, in which case I can say android is built with varying display density in mind, I would think for an HDMI connection it would read this from the EDID data from the display and use that.  If it is using a standard TV dpi assumption then I can see why this would be rather annoying on a monitor, also the android interface is somewhat chunky by nature as it is a touch interface and usually intended for smaller screens so some of the elements are just larger than they would be in windows or linux.

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