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Here is my GameBase database for the papilio


The GameBase installer is at



It does not include the ROM Files, but if it works with Arcade Blaster, it should work with this.


It uses a windows (helper) batch file to build the .bit file and loads it up into the Papilio 500k


This is, of course, a WIP. I will see about building an installer or a .zip file later.

If you are a gamebase user, you should be able to figure out where everything goes.

mame compatible .zip files go in Papilio_Arcade_v01\Games


eventually, i will include a ROMVault DAT file to assist in rebuilding the proper ROM sets. 


It supports the following games (same as Arcade Blaster, plus a few more that A.B. cant support.)


******** as usual, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) ********




Alien Invaders
Alien Invaders Part II
Crush Roller
Eyes [Not Playable due to controller mapping] << Not in Arcade Blaster
Galaxian Hardware Test ROM
Hangly Man (Set 1)
Hangly Man (Set 2)
Hangly Man (Set 3)
Space Invaders 4
Space Invaders
Jumpshot [Not Playable due to controller mapping] << Not in Arcade Blaster
JumpshotP [Not Playable due to controller mapping] << Not in Arcade Blaster
Mr Do's Nightmare
Pac-Man (fast)
Pac-Man Plus << Not in Arcade Blaster
Pac-Manic-Miner-Man << Not in Arcade Blaster
Super Earth Invasion (Set 1)
Super Earth Invasion (Set 2)
Shoot the Bull  [Not Playable due to controller mapping] << Not in Arcade Blaster
Space King
Super Glob (Bootleg) [Not Playable due to controller mapping]
The End
The 'not playable due to controller mapping' games are games that run on the
pacman hardware.  pacman hardware didn't have a button originally, and in the
current setup, the button is mapped to the rack test dipswitch. 
this means that pacman, jumpshot, et al will reset and go into rack test mode
whenever you hold the button down (long enough).


 // Felix //

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Jack, let me know if you have any problems.


I installed GameBase in c:\GameBase so the Papilio_Arcade_v01 ends up as c:\GameBase\Papilio_Arcade_v01

but it _should_ work anywhere if you fix the paths in the UI.


basically, i scripted a batch file that runs multiple times (once per entity since you can only pass 9 arguments to a standard batch file)

to merge the various ROM entities into the base hardware .bit file. (originally I had 1 batch file per hardware type, but decided that

it is worth it to just maintain one batch file rather than many so made a generic one.)


atm it only supports the Papilio One 500k.  I am not sure what needs to be changed (in the UCF etc) for the Papilio Pro and the

LogicStart, but once I figure that out, I will update the GIT repository and the batch file.



 // Felix //

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got (some non bankswitch) 2600 stuff working on it now... just need to add in the actual game definitions / images / etc :)

had to use a different version of data2mem (i guess because i used a diff version of the webpack?)



Used the GameBase 2600 as a template and fixed the scripts etc to work with the Papilio.

Now to figure out how to email the guy who created the database... blah..


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ok deleted it and reuploaded.


(i had accidentally uploaded a few files i shouldn't have *oops*)


the 2601 database is 800mb without ROMs, so not sure what I will do there. (can't upload since i am tethered via iPhone at the moment)



Added in Pac-Manic-Miner-Man (support, not files themselves.. files are elsewhere in the forum search for



[Edit 2:

seems i need to commit a 1 line fix for 'jumpshot'.

all else is re-tested and works.

the pacman game bugs are of course the vhdl core ones that i am not sure how to fix.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Felix,


Sorry I have been absent, I found out this week that my birth mother is terminally ill. We have to figure some things out and then I have to go to Design West next week, it might be a couple weeks before I will be able to get back to testing this out. But I absolutely do want to test this out.



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  • 1 month later...

let me know if you have any problems with it.


i know the instructions i wrote arent the best...


if you want the atari 2600 gamebase, let me know and i work out a way to get it to you.

it works a bit differently than this one due to the different types of cart's the 2600 uses.

maybe you can figure out why i am having problems with the base bitfiles for the 2600.


// F

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  • 1 year later...

this is a dumb question but are you on a ppro or p500 ?


i need to go through and revamp for ppro


will download newest gamebase and see if gamebase people changed stuff in the last 2 years that would break it.


edit : yeah i see whats wrong will fix and get back to you.

edit2: github stripped some \r\n from the gamebase script.  i just added them in again..


will see if i can figure out how to upload 2mb rar to the forum

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cant upload .rar files..


so replace the file from github with the one attached here...


should be in




on a default install.


will try to see if i can modify for ppro now and upload to my website or figure out why github stripped my \r \n 's


edit ::: got it working with PPro. will finish up and update later

Papilio Arcade.txt

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There is a problem with Mr. Do's Nightmare... We were given permission to include the ROM for Mr. Do's Nightmare by the original developer of the game. But it needed some changes to the hardware to run, which someone else made... I never got the changes to the source code, I just got a bit file for the 500K. Which means that I'm not sure what needs to be done to make it work on the Papilio Pro or any other board... It's a bummer.



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