Where's the sourcecode for the papilio-arduino 1.5 plugin ?


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Where's the source for the papiion-ardiuno 1.5 plugin ?  All I can find on git is the windows binary.  my primary development OS is Linux but it would be great to use Macos too. I've got experience building apps for both.      I understand that many are using zpuino but the synthesized AVR8 would be great too. You can fit multiple avr8 cores on the papilio pro.    

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Hello jerryn,


It would be really great to get that plugin working on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Any help with that is greatly appreciated!


I'm reviewing the contents of the plugin as I type this to see what the issues are:


The biggest glaring problem that we have with the AVR8 is that we use Xilinx's data2mem tool to merge code into the bit file. There is no source available for this tool... Even worse since there is no MacOS version of the Xilinx tools, we cannot support MacOS as the system currently exists.


Everything else in the package we have source code for. Most of the binaries used are standard linux tools such as srec_cat, gawk, and make. Papilio Loader source code is here. We have everything necessary to make this work on Windows and Linux but OSX is out until we can replace data2mem.


This is something I've thought about, but will take an investment of time to work out. We need a method to load code into BRAM over the serial port like the ZPUino uses in order to remove the data2mem dependency. At this point this is my gameplan:


I want to complete the Papilio SOC system (schematic editor) using the ZPUino as the first Soft Processor in the system. Once that is up and running and we have a collection of Wishbone peripherals I want to work on the AVR8. I want to add Wishbone support (already working but not packaged up yet) and add a bootloader that will pull code from SPI Flash so we can eliminate data2mem and compile support for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and pcDuino, raspberry PI.


This is going to be quite a bit of work that I have to just keep steadily plugging away at...



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There is no source code, its a collection of binary files and a couple configuration files, its not something you can compile. I can put the configuration files under source control, I probably should, but they don't change much. All that needs to change for the linux version is to replace the windows binary files with linux binaries. The main ones being data2mem and papilio-prog, everything else is cygwin executables which are already in place for linux. It is not really realistic to pull together all of the source code for those, the only one I maintain source code for is papilio-prog.

All that needs to be done to get this working in linux is to make sure the Makefile can work in linux and windows and to make sure there are separate tools defined in the platform.txt file.

Oh, and there are some changes to the arduino core files to support the atmega103 device, that is under revision control for the old 0018 fork. I plan to use a different approach, using macros, at some point in the future and would put that under source control.

I'm also working on a pcDuino plugin, maybe when all three plugins are ready, pcDuino, avr8, and zpuino are ready I will put everything under source control. But it won't be something you compile, it will just be a bunch of binary files and some configuration files.


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