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check the comment from Sho9h here:




This project may be of interest to Mojo backers: fpga-tools ( ), an open source FPGA toolchain in the early stages of development. 
At the moment, only one FPGA chip is supported, the Spartan 6 XC6SLX9 - exactly the one on the Mojo board!

See also this presentation: "How to Build an Open Source FPGA Toolchain", by Sébastien Bourdeauducq,

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Curious what is was that Sho9h said (that comment apparently expired).


My un-schooled opinion about Mojo's successful campaign is that it was because their board is a slick black color.  Seriously.


Also, a lot has happened in the intervening two years since


Jack should try again.  Especially if he could get a design consultant to help make it look sexier.


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Hmmm, that is a valid point. Maybe I should put more time into color scheme and adding some cool silkscreen graphics on my next project. I'm glad you pointed that out, its easy to overlook, I'm usually more concerned with the functionality when I'm designing.



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