Problem with Zpuino Logicstart bitfile link.


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Hi all. I'm enjoying learning VHDL but thought I'd have a look at the Zpuino environment as I have a Papilio 500 and logicstart board. On the


page. The link to the bitfile doesn't allow me access. I get permission denied. Is that because I am unworthy or is the bitfile somewhere else?

Just thought I'd mention..

cheers, :)



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Hi Jack. Hope your well your side of the world. 

Yup. Works a treat! I got hold of a VGA monitor last week ( 12" Dell flatscreen .) 

3 weeks in Paradise! I remember that game. I had it on the spectrum. One of those surreal puzzle games. :s

JSW & Manic Miner were my faves. Along with Head over Heels and the isometric Batman and RentaKill Rita classics.


Logicstart periphs work fine too. As does the Audio out. Quality mod. (protracker as well. Had that on my old Amiga. )

All in all amazing. 

Now I'd like to get Zpuino working with it. I am having trouble using Zpuino though. Its on the next entry on this forum.

If you could have a look at it I'd appreciate it. 

Thanks again.


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