Feedback on Breadboard Wing Prototype

Jack Gassett

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9.5 out of ten. I would buy a couple.  


- Wing pins are very exposed and might get damaged in shipping. Can a polystyrene block be put over them?


- Needs a couple of stand-offs on the outboard edge to it sits nicely on the bench when you are pushing things in. Might need to be isolated or plastic to prevent shorting the ground plane to the bench.


- Some of the small cheap solderless bread boards are really nasty.


- Black looks very cool, but white is easier to work on.


- With a bit of trickery you also make it a Pmod adapter :-)


- How are the power rails set up? I think that just a two wing style "5v 3v3 2v0 GND" on the top and bottom edges (four in total), without the ground on the end would be nicer,


- Maybe have some rubber bumps for the bottom of the Papilio board too, stop it sliding around


What you might find is that people will grab the Gerbers and make their own...

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