Bascom loader for Papilio One 250


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I am looking for some help.

I am have not been able to get a Bascom programme to load to the Papilio One 250, using the tutorial (Bryan Pape) and download from your site. 


The board is fine as I have loaded my own VHDL Xilinx ISE bit file and that loads and operates without any problems, using the Papilio loader.


I have also tried to load the Bascom .Hex file using the Papilio loader with the (soft-processor) main file .bit the .bmm file and the bascom .hex file, as far as i can see I have followed the information given in the Papilio loader document.


Any susgetions would be gratefully received.



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Hey Crusty, I'm going to have to do some reviewing here. I walked Bryan Pape through getting that to work several years ago, but I never did much with the Bascom compiler after that. When I get a couple free minutes I'll take a look and see if something has changed since that tutorial was written.




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I finally got Bascom working, it was giving me problems until I did a restart... It looks like there is a problem with the latest version of Bascom. Following the guide here, you are supposed to check "Use Hex File" under the programmer section. This is supposed to pass the name of the Hex file to the Bascom toolchain.bat file, but in the latest version of Bascom it is not doing so. This is what is breaking the toolchain right now, and without that working there is not much I can do to fix it...


As a work around, if you modify the "BASCOM Toolchain.bat" file with the following changes you can just drag and drop your generated hex file onto the bat file and it will program the Papilio. You can also associate that bat file with hex files and just double click on it to program the Papilio with a BASCOM hex file:


@echo onset board=papilio_papilioOne_250echo %board%cd "%~dp0\papilio_platform"make cleancopy %1 "%~dp0\papilio_platform\main.hex"make %board%sleep 10
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